ENR 5.3  Other activities of a dangerous nature and other potential hazards


During the period from 15 APR to 15 OCT, in thunderstorms, or weather conditions in which the formation of thunderstorms is likely, hail suppression activities could take place up to 20000 FT (6000 M) AMSL within some agricultural districts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. No rockets shall be fired without clearance from the appropriate ATS unit. Air traffic in Class C, D and E airspaces will be informed about active hail suppression areas. Hail suppression activities can represent hazard to aircraft operations in class G airspace where flights are not subject to ATC Clearance and maintenance of two-way radio communication is not necessary.
To avoid identified hazard, aircraft crews operating in class G airspace are advised to get information on hail suppression activities on frequencies of FIC Banja Luka (see ENR-2.1) as well as by phone of this ATS unit presented in GEN 3.3.6.