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A 004/2021

Effective from 16 AUG 2021

Published on 16 AUG 2021


 — Background

ICAO introduced a new ICAO methodology for assessing and reporting runway surface conditions, commonly known as the Global Reporting Format (GRF) which was supposed to be effective in 5th of November 2020, but due to the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic, the effective date was moved to 4th of November 2021. GRF is intended to mitigate against runway excursions which studies have revealed the majority are a result of unsafe runway conditions. The methodology requires aerodrome operators to assess and timely report runway surface conditions in a standardised manner to Air Traffic Controllers and Aeronautical Information Service for relaying to pilots. The pilots are then to match the information received against the performance of the aircraft to execute appropriate actions, which include landing braking actions, and aborting landings or departures.

1.  —  Introduction

The new ICAO methodology for assessing and reporting runway surface conditions GRF, enables the harmonized assessment and reporting of runway surface conditions and a correspondingly improved flight crew assessment of take-off and landing performance.
The GRF implementation planning activities in the Bosnia and Herzegovina are encompassing the work of a National GRF implementation team responsible for the processes and standards as described in:

2.   Flow of information

3.   Date of implementation

The new ICAO GRF including the new SNOWTAM format will be implemented in two phases in Bosnia and Herzegovina as follow:
  • On 12th of August 2021 BHANSA will start with test phase.
    Purpose of this phase is to check all internal procedures between AIS-ATS-MET-CNS which is starting when receive RCR from airport side.
    During this phase, in case of real need for SNOWTAM publication, ARO will publish SNOWTAM as it is same as before by using same system and tools.
  • On 4th November 2021 at 0000 UTC, BHNOF will start to publish SNOWTAM using EAD SNOWTAM Tool and using same distribution lists for all four International airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina (LQSA, LQBK, LQTZ and LQMO).

4.   National GRF implementation Team

National GRF implementation Team, was established in November 2020.
The following stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina are involved in the implementation of the GRF and their representatives took part in National GRF implementation Team:
  1. Aerodromes:
    • International airport Sarajevo;
    • International airport Tuzla;
    • International airport Banja Luka;
    • International airport Mostar.
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA):
    • Air Traffic Services (ATCOs);
    • Aeronautical Information Services (International NOTAM Office).
  3. Airlines (flight operations departments, dispatchers, pilots):
    • FlyBosnia;
    • Icar Air;
    • RS aviation alliance.
  4. Civil Aviation Authority
    • BHDCA.

5.  — Coordination between aerodromes, AIS (NOF) and ATS units

All process monitoring mechanisms and the processes themselves between the airport, BHNOF and ATS will take place in accordance with the procedures described in the SLA's.
In general, airports are responsible for assessing the situation on manoeuvring surfaces, forming RCRs and sending them to BHNOF by agreed means of communication, or by radio frequency to ATS if the conditions on RWY are such that there is no need to publish SNOWTAM.
BHNOF is responsible for SNOWTAM creation and distribution after it has been confirmed that the data from the RCR complies with the requirements described in PANS-AIM and doc 8126 or in accordance with the data published in the AIP for that location. The integrity of the data is imperative until it is sent to end users.
Procedures between ATS and airport consists of description and methods in case:
  1. of data transfer from AIREP to the airport if there is a need for degradation of the conditions in the RCR,
  2. of receiving data by radio if there are no conditions for the publication SNOWTAM,
  3. the ATS is responsible for the data entry in the ATIS.

6.  — Training and awareness

National GRF implementation Team developed GRF Implementation Plan which includes a training process for all stakeholders, GRF promotion activities and parallel testing phase.

7.  — Tests and trials

Tests are planned to be conducted after training and before applicability date. Intention of the National GRF implementation Team is to conduct a test trial from the February till the day one of the new global reporting format. All pilots of scheduled and non-scheduled airliners, who land on all four International airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar, Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Tuzla), will be required to issue AIREP. Starting date of the test trials for each airport shall be announced by dedicated NOTAM.
Also, BHANSA will take period from 12th of August 2021 until 4th of November 2021, to test all internal procedures regarding receiving, processing of AIREP's and receiving, processing and distribution of SNOWTAM to all stakeholders.